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Lose weight the easy way with Easy HCG
Homeopathic HCG
Weight Loss Tracker/Regimen
HCG Recipe Guide
Custom Calorie Plan Included

Easy HCG

Our Price: $79.99

Easy HCG is an HCG diet drop that has become our top selling diet product due to remarkable weight loss results people have experienced. The makers of Easy HCG swear by its quality and are willing to put their money where their mouth is, with one of the best guarantees we’ve seen.

Easy HCG is recommended by medical professionals, homeopathic practitioners, dietitians and by many credible websites around the web. You’ll find many remarkable testimonials  from satisfied customers who had nearly given up hope on achieving their weight loss goals. Here’s what this top rated HCG product is designed to do:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Ships same day if ordered before 3pm
  • No prescription required
  • No injections required. Simply place HCG drops under tongue
  • You get the same HCG diet that doctors charge hundreds of dollars for
  • Most effective HCG formulation on the market
  • Lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per day
  • Unlimited diet support (Call 1-800-585-2791)
  • Access to recipes, menus, guides and advice

How it Works

Easy HCG is extremely easy to use. All you do is take 10 drops under your tongue 3 times per day. The HCG immediately goes to work igniting the body’s natural fat burning furnace. Easy HCG includes the Following 3 ingredients to maximize weight loss safely:

arginine moleculeArginine – Known as one of the 20 amino acids that act as the building blocks of all the proteins in your body, Arginine enhances the muscle’s ability to use calories more efficiently, so that excess calories do not become stored as fat. Arginine supplementation has been found to be effective in lowering levels of triglycerides in blood which will aid you on your way to weight loss success.

L-Carnitine moleculeL-Carnitine – This amazing ingredient increases the metabolism by expediting the breakdown of excess stored fat into energy. It also helps the kidneys and energy levels by improving the disposal of glucose in the body.

Ornithine moleculeOrnithine – Commonly known as one of the most potent amino acids for stimulating the production and release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) ever studied, it helps combat muscle loss that often occurs on a very low calorie diet. Ornithine also helps to increase metabolic functions and support both the liver and kidneys.

This powerful combination is based on Nobel-prize winning science and works to maximize weight loss in a natural and safe way. It also provides maximum energy without compromising on the original diet put forth by Dr. Simeons over 50 years ago.

Results and Advantages

You can expect to see dramatic results from using Easy HCG, especially if you’ve struggled with weigh loss for much of your life. Many of our satisfied customers find themselves finally shedding unwanted pounds after trying just about everything else on the market.

Sound too good to be true? Here are some testimonials from our satisfied Easy HCG customers.

Bronwyn S., Hollywood, FL:

“I must be honest and say I was very skeptical about HCG because I personally don’t believe in “miracle cures”. WELL, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the HCG diet!

After just a couple of weeks on the diet I lost 17 pounds. I also lost 6 inches off of my hips and waist and, 4.5 inches off of my thighs!

I feel great! I have tons of energy and have not felt this good in years. The great thing is people notice the difference in me and are very supportive.”

Casey J., Utah:

“I have tried diets before involving counting calories, and have lost weight, but at an extremely slow rate and while suffering through it with a major lack of energy. It would take me 4+ months of this just to lose 10-15 lbs. I love that while using HCG, I have had MORE energy than usual, and have never been hungry. Recently I wanted to lose weight, but said that if it interfered with my ability to take care of my 3 small kids that I wouldn’t stick to it. While taking HCG, I have had no problem with this, and have lost weight at a rate that is very encouraging.”

Sherry A., Colorado:

“My Daughter told me about HCG, I was not sure it would work for me. I was worried I could not stay on the 500 calorie diet, But to my surprise I had no trouble staying on it. I started it because nothing else worked for me so I thought why not try it. The second day after taking the drops I lost 2 pounds and then 4 pounds I was very happy and by the 21st day I had lost 22 and a half pounds. I was not ever hungry and I felt so good. I would, and have, recommended it to family and friends.”

Christina M., Holton, KS:

“I was skeptical at best… but then from the first day of the low calorie phase I started seeing results. I kept thinking ‘ok the weight loss is going to stall or at least slow down’, but it didn’t! I ended up losing a total of 23.2 pounds and 14.5 inches, in a 23 day phase, and have maintained it for all of phase 3. After the first few days I wasn’t even hungry anymore, at times I had to remind myself to eat. It is so amazing!”


Overall, Easy HCG seems to be a very solid product. It has an excellent customer satisfaction rating, doesn’t skimp on quality of ingredients, and provides excellent customer support. Additionally, there is a 30-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee when many other HCG retailers do not. The product is very reasonably priced starting at only $79.99. Another great thing that we’ve been hearing a lot of from our customers is about the quality diet instructions that come with this product. Easy HCG diet instructions are more comprehensive and easy to understand compared to other HCG programs.

If you’ve been considering the HCG diet but have been hesitant because you were unsure which homeopathic HCG drops to purchase, look no further. Easy HCG gets our highest recommendation.

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<p>Lose weight the easy way with Easy HCG
Homeopathic HCG</p>
<ul><li>2oz HCG 15-day supply</li>
<li>Weight Loss Tracker/Regimen</li>
<li>HCG Recipe Guide</li>
<li>Custom Calorie Plan Included</li></ul>
1 Bottle (2 oz)

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<p>Lose weight the easy way with Easy HCG
Homeopathic HCG</p>
<ul><li>4oz HCG 30-day supply</li>
<li>Weight Loss Tracker/Regimen</li>
<li>HCG Recipe Guide</li>
<li>Custom Calorie Plan Included</li></ul>
2 Bottles (4 oz)

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<p>Lose weight the easy way with Easy HCG
Homeopathic HCG</p>
<ul><li>8oz HCG 60-day supply</li>
<li>Weight Loss Tracker/Regimen</li>
<li>HCG Recipe Guide</li>
<li>Custom Calorie Plan Included</li></ul>
4 Bottles (8 oz)

60 day supply


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