Is The HCG Diet Safe For Men

Many people have heard about the HCG drops and plenty of them have already tried them, yet the big question is: Can men also benefit from the  weight loss effects of these drops? It seems that until now only women were the ones to be taking advantage of them, but there are certainly many men out there who are interested in taking them so they can also reach their desired weight. On top of that, what people don’t know is that these drops are actually made from a hormone that women produce while pregnant.

The hormone of which they are made of is called the “human chorionic gonadotropin” and it will appear in the female body when pregnant. This is what makes many men worried and question whether or not the HCG is safe for them.

Is HCG Safe For Men?

HCG as a weight loss supplement IS safe for men! When HCG was first being tested as a weight loss supplement over 50 years ago it was Is The HCG Diet Safe For Mentested on women as well as men. Men were also able to lose weight just as fast and effectively as women with no negative side effects.

Because it stimulates the production of testosterone, it was used to help boys’ testicles develop and descend in adolescent individuals with developmental problems. In fact this is the only clue that sparked Doctor Simeon’s idea of using it in a weight loss product. He was actually treating boys who were unfortunate enough to suffer from Froehlich’s syndrome, a syndrome that makes them gain extreme weight and also slows down their sexual functions. When he discovered the HCG, he realized that people can now eat little food without feeling hungry and at the same time also lose weight. This is due to the fact that the HCG communicates with an area of the brain called the Hypothalamus, it tells the body to burn abnormal fat levels while on a low calorie diet.

The HCG oral drops have already helped millions of people lose weight and there have been no signs of them actually causing any negative health effects on them in over 50 years. In fact, men will experience a faster weight loss, since men usually lose fat faster than women. Switching to a low calorie diet can potentially cause health risks especially if a person has pre-existing conditions so it is always best to consult with a doctor before starting any new diet program.

Is HCG Diet safe for men? It surely is! Taking the drops accordingly and also making sure to stick to the adjacent diet will allow men of all ages to easily lose weight and reach the number they always wanted to see on the scales.

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