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It’s surprising how many people talk about the HCG diet and yet have no clue about what it is or does. Some people think it is an alternative to the HCG Diet PlanAtkins diet, and some believe that it is carbohydrate diet. The HCG diet plan is not just a diet, it is actually a treatment that has a diet to go along with it.

What Is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is actually a hormone produced in pregnant women. When a woman is pregnant HCG is released in greateramounts, this HCG tells an area of the brain called the “Hypothalamus” to break down abnormal fat levels and use them to make sure the fetus receives enough nutrients regardless of whether the mother is eating enough or not. It creates a very fast energy hormone, which is also produced from the placenta which uses the body’s fat as an extra boost while also breaking down the abnormal fat levels in the body. Every person has some amount of fat cells in his or her body and when they increase they are stored as abnormal fat.

Dr. Simeons

Dr. SimeonHistory Of HCG

Dr Simeons started testing the use of HCG, through injections, on overweight people over 50 years ago.  His studies found that while on a very low calorie diet the HCG would rapidly break down these unwanted fat cells and use them as energy to replace the lack of calories consumed.  He found that the optimal amount of intake while on HCG should be 500 calories per day of protein, veggies and fruit.  Not only did all of his subjects quickly lose unwanted weight but after years of testing there were no negative effects on the body and the increase in HCG hormones also did not react negatively with any other pre-existing medical conditions a person might have had which can ease your fear of any potential HCG dangers.  His HCG Diet Plan has now been available for decades and millions have lost weight through his program.

Now one might think that switching to a 500-calorie per day diet would cause anyone to lose weight.  This may be true but there would be serious negative side effects without the HCG involved.  Without HCG and just a 500-calorie diet a person’s body would begin to lose important muscle mass as well as normal fat levels that your body needs.  One would feel tired, hungry and weak all the time.  But with HCG your body targets abnormal, unwanted fat levels while on a low calorie diet and you feel full because your body receives those additional calories it needs through the consumption of its’ own fat.

After gaining popularity, there was a high demand to make this diet plan easier. Before this new method, all that was available were costly, inconvenient injections. Drops on the HCG Diet PlanThis diet is now available in a homeopathic oral drop formula. The basic diet rules are the same, all you have to do is take the oral HCG dropsand follow the low calorie diet plan to receive the same results as the HCG injections.

How The Actual HCG Diet Works

The actual HCG diet protocol is set up into 4 phases.  All of the phases are important to achieve weight loss goals but the most important phase is the 2nd phase which focuses on the 500-calorie per day diet.  While on the diet portion there are strict guidelines one must follow about what they eat.  Here is a quick breakdown of the 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 – The Loading Phase:  The loading phase on the HCG diet protocol is to last for two days total. The general directions for this loading phase can be summarized by you eating as much high-fat foods as you possibly can while starting to take the actual HCG drops.  These should be healthy high-fat foods.
  • Phase 2 – The Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD):  The VLCD phase is going to have you eating 500 calories per day.  HCG on a daily basis helps you to burn anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 calories per day (depending on your body type) taken directly from your abnormal fat stores.  While on this phase of the diet you will be allowed 2 servings of protein, 2 servings of veggies, and 2 servings of fruit per day along with some Melba toast.  It is also important to drink a lot of water.  You will be taking the drops everyday during this phase as well.  Normally people lose a half pound up to 3 pounds per day on this phase.
  • Phase 3 - Stabilization:  This HCG phase you’ll restore your metabolism and ensure that you maintain the weight that you’ve just lost. You will continue on with the diet you were eating (VLCD) for two to three more days but stop taking HCG. You’re doing this so that the HCG can leave your system now that you’ve stopped using it.  You will also increase the calories up to 1500 to 2000 calories per day, making sure to still avoid sugars and starches for three weeks.
  • Phase 4 – Lifestyle Plan: You will begin introducing more variety into your daily diet, while ensuring that you continue to maintain your body weight loss. You will also start re-introducing back the starches and sugars that you’ve eliminated previously.

Though this method has only been around for a few years, it has become one of the top diets plans on the market.  The reason is because people lose anywhere from a half a pound up to 3 pounds per day while on the homeopathic HCG drops.  There are many companies on the market selling HCG drops but they can differ in a few ways.  Some of the ways they differ are the potency of actual HCG in their formula, if they get their HCG from an FDA approved lab in the US, price, money-back guarantee, and customer service.  When it comes to choosing the right homeopathic HCG drops make sure you do your research and pick a program that will work best for you and help you along the way.

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