HCG Diet Phase 1

Dr A.T.W. Simeons found out that a protein hormone known as HCG, found in the body of women during the period of pregnancy can be used to reduce weight by controlling the food cravings of the human body. Since then, the HCG weight loss program has gained a lot of media attention and a huge number of people have benefitted from the tremendous qualities of HCG. Since HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring hormone in the body it does not invite any negative side effects. Dr Simeons also advocated the importance of a diet plan that is absolutely essential to make this weight loss program truly effective. The HCG diet plan can be divided into three phases and they include HCG diet phase 1, HCG diet phase 2 and HCG diet phase 3. While you consume HCG drops you will also have to continue on with the diet program to ensure rapid weight loss and the HCG diet direct recipe guide will familiarize you with the food choices of this diet plan.

HCG diet phase 1 is also known as the loading phase of the HCG diet and it is the time to prepare your body for the next stage. During this phaseHCG Diet Phase 1 you will have to kick start your metabolism to prepare the body for the strict diet that you will have to undergo in the phase 2. In normal cases, this phase will last only for two days and it can vary according to the metabolism rate of a person. If you are a person with a normal metabolism rate this phase can be completed within two days.

The HCG diet phase 1 will not compel you to undergo any rigorous or monotonous diet program and it is the time to consume the maximum amount of food. People often compare it with bear eating because the bear will eat as much as it can to prepare for the long winter that lies ahead. Exactly like that, you will have to convince the metabolism that the body is not in a starvation mode by filling the fat stores completely. By way of doing that you are helping the body to get prepared for the low calorie intake in the next phase.

During The HCG diet phase 1 you will have to start taking the HCG drops. The important thing is that the food intake or drinking water will have to be done 15 minutes before or after taking HCG. People describe this phase with different names like loading stage and pig out phase, and there will not be any control even for food items like pizzas, burgers and other oily types of foods. Although you can eat whatever you like it is best to stay with healthy fats like nuts, beef, avocado and cheeses. The experts always assert the importance of this phase because skipping or avoiding phase 1 will adversely affect the entire weight loss plan. Without a strong foundation nothing can be built properly and phase 1 can be described as the foundation of HCG diet program. That is why HCG diet phase 1 assumes an importance of paramount in this weight loss program.

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