The new HCG dieting sensations seems to have taken over the web.  Vendors everywhere are hurrying to market their own brand of HCG drops to waiting consumers wanting to shed the pounds.  With consumer reviews through the roof and seemingly few complaints, many see this as the safe solution to losing weight fast.  Although this diet has been very successful, with people losing around a half a pound up to 2 pounds a day, there are some things you should know about the diet before starting.


HCG is a hormone primarily found in pregnant women, HCG naturally utilizes stored fats in the body.  The Food & Drug Association (FDA) has approved it for use in both males and females to increase fertility, but in the majority of cases, it has not been approved as a diet solution because it is categorized as a health supplement and the FDA does not regulate the health supplement industry.  The good news is that HCG has been used as a diet supplement for over 50 years with no negative long-term or short-term health effects to users.

HCG & Hunger:

One of the results that HCG vendors promise users is that it will curb hunger pains, thereby making the 500-calorie diet a very attainable goal.  This is not always true and occasionally HCG dieters feel hungry, especially when first starting out the diet.  Although not everyone will feel hungry while on the diet, some people may experience some hunger. There are some things you can do to help avoid hunger while on the HCG diet:

  1. You can avoid hunger by doubling the HCG dosage. Instead of 10 drops 3 times a day you can do 20 drops 3 times a day or 10 drops 6 times a day.  This will not help you lose weight any faster but can help curb hunger.
  2. Taking a Vitamin B supplement can help fight hunger.
  3. Spreading out the food throughout the day. Instead of eating your 2 servings of fruit with a meal you may try eating them as snacks in between meals.

The 500 calorie diet may be an issue for some people. People with health issues like Diabetes may have problems with only 500 calories per day.  The best thing to do is to consult with a health care specialist before starting any new diet plan. One solution to the 500 calories is to add exercise into the diet program. The HCG diet program does not call for exercise but you can incorporate it into your weight loss program. If you decide to exercise you can increase your daily calorie intake. You will want to consume more protein to make up for any burned calories.

HCG Diet Duration:

The HCG diet drops are actually a homeopathic version of HCG. Although it does actually contain HCG it is in very low dosages. One thing that is important while on the HCG diet is the amount of days you spend actually taking HCG drops. There isn’t really any danger to your health by taking HCG for an extended period of time but they can begin to lose theri effect if taken too long. The max number of days that a person should be on the HCG diet is 41 days.  After that your body will have built up an immunity to the HCG and it will lose its desired effect. If you need to lose more weight after 41 days of being on HCG then you will want to wait 6 weeks in between starting again in order for it to have the full effect.

Where the HCG Comes From:

One of the most important things you should look into before purchasing a homeopathic HCG diet program is where it comes from. You want to ensure that you are getting a safe product. There are companies out there that get their homeopathic drops from not so safe places. Some companies try to save money by finding suppliers outside of the U.S., this can raise a few red flags. Suppliers outside the U.S. have been known to use non-human HCG which is not regulated in any way.  This can be unsafe and can cause health issues. The best place to get HCG is from a company that has their formula made inside the U.S. from a FDA-approved lab. You can find this out usually on their website or simply by calling the company and asking them.

Another important thing to look at before purchasing is the ingredients. Make sure you know what goes into the drops before buying. Many homeopathic HCG formulas contain important amino’s that will aid in your weight loss.


While there are always risks associated with any diet, the HCG diet has relatively few risks when compared with other diets.  Make sure to take following points into consideration when selecting an HCG diet plan:

  1. Make sure that you are using a legitimate company that offers support hotlines and a network of staff that can answer your questions before you start.
  2. Do not use the HCG injection method as this poses more risk to consumers.
  3. Consult with a physician about the diet plan; this is always the case when starting any new diet.

The HCG diet has worked for many people in the past, and it may also help you reach your ideal weight.  However, be aware of the risks, and if you are experiencing any side effects please seek out a medical professional.

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